Oohh The Places Shoes Will Go.

I splurge when I am shopping for shoes. Young adults will buy cheap shoes. Usually, the shoes will last a few seasons. Yes, they will get you by but by the second season, they will not be the best looking. Invest in shoes that will last. Quality shoes will last years. There is a pair of shoes in my closet that I bought in 2014. I still get compliments on all the time. This pair of shoes that I am talking about are leather. Leather ages better with time. The more that you wear them, the more character that the leather obtains. This is why I love leather booties. Plus, they are great for multiple seasons. My pair of leather booties that I have had for four years cost me $315. That’s $105 a year, $8.75 a month, and $0.29 a day. You do not need to spend $315 on a pair of shoes. Honestly, I was 20 and bought them with a credit card. It is the definition of young and dumb. I would suggest spending less than a third that I did. We are looking for comfy, practical, and will not dig a hole in your wallet. Make sure when buying shoes that cost more than you take care of them.  Keep the boxes to help store them in. This takes care of your shoes. It also helps keep your closet organized. Spray protectant on your shoes to protect them from the elements. Do not risk it by wearing suede shoes in rain or snow. My last piece of advice is that when your shoes start falling apart, do not toss them. Take them to a local shoe repair shop. The chances are they can be repaired and it will not cost very much. It will also give an additional few years to the life of those shoes.
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Find the shoes that will make you feel confident and powerful. A woman in the right pair of heels can go far.
***Some of my posts do use cheaper shoe options for some that are not able to splurge on shoes.***

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