If It Fits…

The original idea of was for women who graduated college and need a professional wardrobe. When telling my male friends I forgot to mention that it was for women. They all responded the same way. They need help shopping with a budget. Welcome to the Men’s Fashion section of Sincerely, JC. For men, outfits are not as interchangeable. It would be easy to toss on a shirt and slacks but if you are trying to impress this should not be an option. The biggest problem that men run into is buying clothes that do not fit them. Dress shirts come in multiple different cuts, same with slacks. Men and women both have a problem with dressing for their body types. The importance of making sure to find your fit with dress shirts is not something that I can stress enough. Skinny men in dress shirts that drown them. Big men in dress shirts that hug them too tight. Below you will see a fit chart that the most simple to use.  
Here is the rant about men’s pants. First of all, own a belt. No one in the world wants to see your butt hang out especially when you are going to work. Second, make sure that your pants fit you properly. Do not have your hem dragging on the floor and make sure the waist fits. Bonus tip: if you have a nice booty make sure that you buy pants that will show it off.  
Here are a few outfits that I have put together to help you. Hope this is the first step toward you finding your professional style.
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