Put Your Money Where Your Foot Is?

For men, I would recommend for you to spend money on shoes and a good watch. There is something about a well-dressed man that will get every women’s attention. You need to invest in yourself to be able to attract the ladies and potential employers. Spend money on your shoes. You will be wearing your shoes a lot. Especially if you are someone that do not own very many shoes. Most dress shoes are made out of leather. With leather the more you wear them, the more character that the leather obtains. For dress shoes, you will want them to be polished to wear them to work or an interview. A little leather polish will fix any dullness that your shoes obtain. I have a pair of leather boots that I have had for four years cost me $315. That’s $105 a year, $8.75 a month, and $0.29 a day. You do not need to spend $315 on a pair of shoes. Honestly, I was 20 and bought them with a credit card. It is the definition of young and dumb. I would suggest spending less than a third that I did. Protect your shoes as soon as you get them. When you buy shoes from a high-end shoe store, most offer complimentary waterproofing. You can purchase waterproof spray and apply at home. When applying at home make sure to follow the directions. Spraying protectant on your shoes to protects them from the elements. My last piece of advice is that when your shoes start falling apart, do not toss them. Take them into a local shoe repair shop. Chances are they can be repaired. Repairing shoes will cost less. It will also give an additional few years to the life of those shoes.
Above are some of my favorite men shoes. Remember buying good shoes will last longer than you think. Just take care of them the proper way.

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***Some of my posts do use cheaper shoe options for some that are not able to splurge on shoes.***

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