The Crew Life: Shoes.

My good friend Josh is not the best when it comes to style. He is even worse at shopping. When I told him about my idea for Sincerely, JC he asked me to do help him out. He works for an airline. Josh is like my brother, so I agreed to help. There will be more affordable clothes that follow a verity of uniform guidelines, specifically airline guidelines. These posts will include shoes, pants, shirts, and more. If you have requests or if you are having issues finding affordable clothes that fit your employer’s guidelines, let me know. All I ask is for you to leave those suggestions in the comments. This post will be on my favorite topic, shoes. Your feet are extremely important to take care of. As mentioned in previous posts, if you are going to splurge do so on shoes. I worked in the restaurant industry for years. I, of course, wore heels majority of the time. I didn’t hurt my feet though. I have multiple tricks to keep my feet comfortable when working 10+ hour days.  

Men’s Work Shoes

Women’s Work Shoes

First, do not be ashamed of shoe insoles. They can save your feet. I know you are not a middle age old man that has back problems and need them to stop the pain in your back. If you do not wear supportive shoes and you will be that person. In yoga, you learn that your feet are your roots, the base of the person. Your body is a house if a house isn’t built with a solid foundation you will run into problems in the future. Make sure you have supportive shoes. If you have a pair that you love but are not supportive buy insoles. Second, I am a huge believer that you get what you pay for with shoes. If you want a pair that will last you need to spend more. If you are looking for shoes to wear daily buy leather. It is so very durable. My shoes that have lasted more than four years are leather. Lastly, do not toss a pair of shoe because the bottom is worn out. Take them into a cobbler. Getting them repaired will cost you less. No point in buying new shoes until you absolutely have to. Especially when it is for your work. That is throwing away your paycheck.
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