Let Your Style Bloom

Pants are extremely uncomfortable. Taking off your pants is fabulous doesn’t matter who you are. I might be a small girl, but I have big legs for my size. Pulling on and off pants it’s difficult. As soon as the temperature is 65, dresses are mandatory for me. Dresses are my life. They are comfy and eliminates pants. Hypothetically, if I woke up late for work, I grab a dress, heels, and run out the door.  Not to mention the additional things we have to do as women. Nothing is worse than trying to put an outfit together when you have zero time.
A personal challenge that I have taken on is to wear less solid colors. I have always been scared of patterns. First, I am not sure if they look good on me. Second, it is a bold choice. I have been able to get comfortable with floral. You’d be surprised how many compliments that you will receive if you step outside of your comfort zone. Here is my challenge for you, try something different. Wear something that you are not used to, reach outside your comfort zone. Buy a piece of clothing that you wouldn’t wear. You should be comfortable in what you wear. There is no need for any drastic changes. Just like in yoga, you should feel some discomfort, not pain. There is a difference. I do not want you to try something that will cause you anxiety or make you extremely uncomfortable. Maybe you are someone that does not wear dresses. Borrow a dress from a friend for a day. See how you like it. Or are you someone that does not like patterns. Wear a shirt with a floral design on it. Slowly step outside your comfort zone to expand your style.
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