Baby, Your Hips Don’t Lie.

Here is the rant about men’s pants. First of all, own a belt. No one in the world wants to see your butt hang out especially when you are going to work. Second, make sure that your pants fit you properly. Do not have your hem dragging on the floor and make sure the waist fits. I understand the struggle that men can have when it comes to big legs, big butt, and a small waist. I lift weights which makes my body look great. The downside is pants fit awkwardly. I will try to help you as much as I can. My recommendation is to buy pants that will fit your legs. To fix the problem, I have two different methods. First, you should always wear a belt. Wearing a belt will help you pull the extra inches at the waist. That is the quick fix for the problem. The only issue with that is it is temporary. The permeate solution is to take it to your local tailor. Yes, this will cost you some extra money. The benefit is that you will not have to pull them up when they slide down. That is what will happen when using a belt. After having them tailored at the waist, you will still need to wear a belt. It is those little details that pull the outfit together. On my next post, I will be talking about more of the accessories that men can use to finish their outfit and make it complete. There are not many things men need to do. Isn’t that lucky for you?
Bonus tip: if you have a nice booty make sure that you buy pants that will show it off.
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