The Weekend

What Happened in Vegas?

This weekend I stayed home and wrote content for all of you. I did start talking to this guy named Alex on Saturday. He told me a few stories. Anyone that knows me knows that I love stories. I am sarcastic. My smart mouth is what started Alex and I talking. He posted a video to his Instagram story with the caption, “My mom’s friends are hot.” I couldn’t help but message him. My message said, “I was not something to be proud of.” After banter, he asked me if I wanted to hear a story. Of course, I did, I love stories. The story was about a story about Las Vegas, alcohol, and a pair of expensive shoes. Sounds like my kind of story if I ever heard one. Alex went on a trip to Vegas. We all know what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Unfortunately, his mistake followed him home. Just like any 20-something year old, or any adult for that matter, he went out drinking. Alex might have drunk a little too much where he ended up at the Gucci store. He went in and bought a pair of Kanye Gucci loafers, gave the sales associate his old Vans, and walked out of the store. So you have a frame of reference these are $500 shoes. By my best guess in the morning, he woke up with a hangover, regret, and a new pair of shoes. Gucci does not have the most customer-friendly return policy. Since Alex walked out of the store with the shoes on they could not be returned. I guess you could say that Alex does the walk of shame (and regret) every time he wears his Kanye Gucci loafers.
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