Work or Play.

Skirts are the best if you have to change between a work outfit to a going out outfit. For this transition it is easy. Just remember to pack a pair of pants when you leave for work. It is always a safe bet to have those pants be blue jeans. Jeans are comfortable when going out to the bars after work. You can dress it up by wearing heels from work or pack some flats if you are not big of a heel fan.
Maybe you are someone who does not like jeans. It is okay, I understand you. My friend Noelle does not even own jeans. She is purely a dress, skirt, or leggings girl. I have never seen her in a pair of jeans. For those girls like my friend Noelle, I suggest wearing a more stretchy colored jean. Or you can go with a completely different fabric all together. Make sure that you check the washing instructions on whatever pants you use. Washing colored clothing improperly can cause the dye to run. There are a few things that you can do to stop this. One of those things being adding 1 cup of vinegar in during the rinse cycle. Another thing that you can do is add in half of a cup of salt to the wash. I have one last suggestion I have for when taking care of your pants. If you workout, clothes might not fit you as they should. I understand the struggle that comes to big legs, big butt, and a small waist. I lift weights which makes my body look great. The downside is pants fit awkwardly. My recommendation is to buy pants that will fit your legs. Wash the pants in the washer then lay them flat to dry.
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