The Weekend

Honky Tonk Badonkadonk

This weekend I was in Dallas, Texas. I LOVE Texas. It is where I met my closest girls that understand me and who I am. It is where I met them a year ago. Letting them go broke me into tears. Watching them walk out of sight was always the hardest thing to do. We made many more memories. We also gained a new friend this weekend. She is The Angry Jew. To start out with I was at a conference this weekend. There was a new staff member that was creating room assignments. Luckily I was roomed with an amazing woman. Her name is Sarah. What a gal. She is a tiny lady. She also has a larger than life personality. Sarah was okay with my friends Ana and Toni crashing in our room for the weekend. Little did we know she was the puzzle piece our friendship was missing. Sarah slept a ton while we were there. At no fault of her own. She had been having night terrors at home. Sleeping in a hotel with a locked door made her feel safe. She didn’t have any night terrors while we were there. Let’s fast forward to Saturday night. There was a lot of BS drama with our friend JP on twitter. We were all worried about him. We went to the hotel after dinner. Ana was more than most we couldn’t get in touch with him for a few hours. Ana decided that she would stay back until she heard from him. She was no longer in the mood to go out.
Toni chose to stay with her. Noelle and I were ready to go out and dance. Don’t worry, Sarah was passed out in bed the whole time. Noelle and I ordered an uber to get to Cowboy’s Red River. The cover was high. It was definitely worth it. As soon as we were inside Noelle and I started dancing. My legs were sore. I did not want to stop a feeling that would stay around until I went to sleep. While at Red River I danced with a creep, one guy who is much younger than me, and a prince charming.
The first story involves the creep and prince charming. I was dancing with Noelle and having a great time. We do not need guys when we go out. This time the creep grabbed me and started to dance with me. He did so rather aggressively might I add. He started getting handsy. That was when I saw prince charming. I mouthed “help.” He cut to dance with me. I was able to get away from the creep. Prince charming and I danced around until the song was over. I thanked him for helping me out. I was truly thankful for him noticing that I was trying to get his attention. Unfortunately, the creepy guy saw me leaving the dance floor. I ignored him. On to the younger guy. Noelle wanted to dance with a guy. I told her to pick a guy. I would get him to dance with her. She is horrible at making choices. I picked out a guy for her. I told him my friend wanted to dance with him. He happily went to go dance with her. I stayed with his friend. I decided to dance too. I asked him to dance. So we did. After dancing, I found Noelle. Eventually, we left because I was bored. When we ran into some people that we knew. Noelle and I talked. She told me that she thought he was cute. I went and grabbed a napkin and a pen to write down her number. She kept trying to stop me, but I finished. Then went over and to give it to him. We decided to leave shortly after. It was a night for the books. I love going out with Noelle whenever I can. She has always been my party girl. No matter what we are going through when one of us say let’s go we go.
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