The Grandma Cardigan

I have this cardigan that I take everywhere with me. I call it my grandma cardigan. Affectionately of course. My grandma cardigan comes in handy when the room is cold. At first, my friends use to tease me because it is large and will usually cover the dress that I am wearing. My friends would get cold at a conference I would offer it. Then they admitted to me being right. Even though this does not seem fashionable, it is practical. You can carry it with you and use it when needed or wear it to accent your outfit. Wear it with shorts a tank and gladiator sandal heels for a summer night out to something casual.
I promise that having a light cardigan or jackets that is a constant is handy. Make sure that it matches a fair amount of your clothes. My grandma cardigan is a tan-ish color and knitted. It is comfortable and large enough to use as a lap blanket if needed. That is another reason that I love having it with me. Dresses are 90% of what I wear. I get cold easily. I will get goosebumps will cover my legs. Then my legs get prickly. Then I have to shave. Being a girl is such a struggle. My grandma cardigan helps me to try to prolong shaving as much as possible. I would suggest finding a grandma cardigan of your own. I found mine at some random store. Below are a few options that are similar to it. Don’t be ashamed. You never know when your grandma cardigan will come in handy.
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