Who Likes Short-Shorts?!

Who likes short-shorts? I think the better question to ask here is who in the right mind like cargo shorts. Men, the only time that you should wear cargo shorts is when you are a dad and have lost all hope of getting laid. To be honest, I am a big Chubbies fan. The only problem is that Chubbies are expensive. After the “mom & dad pay for clothing” stage, spending $50-ish on a pair of shorts is not something most people like to do. Without further ado, I will provide you with some alternative options that are still stylish but will not make you go broke. Are you actually enjoying those zip-off cargo shorts?
A piece of advice that the ladies received I will now give to the gents. You should not be scared of colors and patterns. The only thing that I would worry about while putting outfits together is if it fits your body type. Every man can be handsome and pull off anything if he is confident enough. If you are insecure about your outfit others will be able to tell. People tell you not to worry about what others think but let’s be honest, we care. It is human nature to care about one another. Caring, helping each other, and pushing forward is how humans became who we are. Listen to this one piece of advice. You can pull off color or pattern as long as you believe you can. Plus, women love a man who stands out. Even pastels even though they are not extremely bold they will get you noticed by the ladies.
Time to get to the work focus on the side of this post. All three of these outfits you can wear to work on a casual Friday during warmer days. Be grateful that you can wear shorts on casual Friday. I would get yelled at if I wore shorts to work on casual Friday. Men, please get rid of those cargo shorts and switch to shorter shorts. Women everywhere will thank you.
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