This one is for the girls…

You should dress for your body type. I cannot count the times that I have said that. I have been providing outfits that would only fit those with my body type. The reason for this post is to suggest options for girls that have a different body type than I. If you are a bigger girl, you can wear shorts. Make sure that the cut is flattering to you and the size is correct. The biggest problem with how girls dress in general is that they do not fit their body type. You can pull off anything as long as you have the correct size and confidence. A woman that is not fit but is dressed according to her body type and has confidence is attractive. Much more than a girl wearing shorts that are two sizes too small. I am not the only person that thinks this.
My girlfriends, who are all different body types, agree with this. Not only do my girlfriends agree with this but also my boys agree with it too. You may not even think that your clothes are too small. I would suggest looking in the mirror before going out. I ask myself two important questions, do my clothes feel snug and are your clothes flesh with your skin.
That second one was hard to word so let me explain what I mean. If your clothes are squeezing your body too tight you can see an indent or your belly will go over. It is hard to admit this to yourself. It was hard for me. I used to be a twig. I started working out and gaining muscle and fat. Lifting and eating more will do that to you. Putting on my shorts and saying my booty is hanging out and these need to go was hard.
Then I realized how much healthier I am now then I was before. There still are those days that I look at myself and think I have a gut. I have to remind myself that where I am at now is healthy. I do not need to follow the images I see everywhere. Neither do you. As long as you are healthy and happy, that is all that is all that matters. Being overweight or too skinny is bad for your health. I learned that from personal experience.
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