Tall, Dark, & Handsome

Women love tall men. Well, at least most do. My friend Brandon is 7-foot-something. He is going to start playing basketball this year at the University of Utah. Also the biggest sweetheart you would ever meet. He usually wears workout clothes. Those are the easiest to wear for him. I asked him if me writing a post specifically for tall men would be good. Brandon said that it would. This post is specifically for those men. I hope that I can help those men find outfits that they can wear that are not workout clothes. Everyone needs at least one good pair of pants and a couple of shirts. I suggest Levi’s they are my personal favorite. They always fit well and they last. After finding a style that you like they come in many different colors. Every woman loves seeing a good pair of pants on a guy with a booty.
Next, I suggest taking a looking at the If It Fits… post. It is about which cut of a shirt will fit your body best. If you are a skinny guy, you will wear a different type of shirt than a big guy. If you have gained muscles, the old shirts will no longer fit. Let’s end this post with my rant about shoes. I know when men grow past a certain point it can have an impact on the body. Shoe insoles can help a bunch. They can save your feet and your back. You are not a middle age old man that has back problems. If you wear supportive shoes and you will not be that person.
In yoga, you learn that your feet are your roots, the base of the person. Your body is a house if a house isn’t built with a solid foundation you will run into problems in the future. Make sure you have supportive shoes. If you have a pair that you love but are not supportive buy insoles. Hopefully, this has help tall men like my friend Brandon.
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