Falling in love with Rompers

I just bought a romper (yellow floral below) from Target that I love! In addition to my Target find, I found a romper (blue floral below) off of Amazon. To be honest, the romper is really flattering. My big sister found two rompers and a jumpsuit (jean jumpsuit below) that she loves. I am excited to share my sister and my finds with you. Hopefully, you will love romper as much as we do. It is summer! The weather is great. With the sun out, the last thing you want to do is show too much skin. When I was younger, showing skin didn’t bother me. Having too short of shorts that always made my father mad at me. Now having too much skin and having my booty handout is not the same. As an adult, you can not dress the same as you use to.
Why do I love rompers and jumpers? It is the same reason I love dresses very much. You can look great with minimal effort. Toss a romper on add a few accessories and go. Rompers and jumpsuits go great with heels or flats. You can dress it up or down. My older sister Cheri is a mother of two. Rompers and jumpsuits are wonderful for mothers like her. On the go but still wanting to look good while doing it. Chase the kids around and not worry about your dress flying up. I prefer the rompers with a flare at a bottom. I have a big booty. Wearing a straight cut romper will make my booty hanging out. With the flare ones, it is loose enough that it lays down and does not squeeze my botty.
As always make sure the clothing that you put on your body fits. Another thing that I had to admit to myself recently is that my favorite romper was getting too small. My booty was hanging out. The fabric looked tight on my body. Having to admit to myself that I was getting bigger is still hard. You do not need to have the “perfect body” to wear a romper or a jumpsuit. Remember to dress for your body type. The body you have is the “perfect body” for you. I hope that rompers and jumpsuits will be the perfect addition to your closet this summer.
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