The Weekend

When one door closes, another opens.

Last night after celebrating Independence Day, I went over to C.’s house. I did not realize how much we talk until this morning. Over the weekend I wrote about P. and T. they both were not worth my time. They never were. C. from the start has always been worth the time that I spend with him. C. and I have never watched a single movie when we hang out. Instead, we talk for hours. He makes me feel comfortable and that he will never judge me. These are the type of men girls should go after. They are worth your time. C. and I met when friends went out to the bars. We sat at a table and talked. We talked about writing, books, and things related to that. After the bars, we went back to my friend’s place and talked more. It was never the same thing. P. and T. while great men they did not spend the time to know me. They would invite me over to Netflix and chill. C. knows as much of me that P. does. The difference is what took P. five years took C. a few months. C. and I joked about my blog post about P. and T. last night. I told him I would only ever write about him if he was negative. I guess that I owe C. and apology for this post. Thank you for being such a good friend and being a gentleman. So ladies, never waste your time on a man that invites you over for a movie. You are worth so much more than that. Find you someone like C., that makes you see your worth and wants to talk to you. He is helping me realize how a man should be. Thanks for being my friend.
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