The Weekend

Ooh bless your heart.

This weekend I video chatted with one of my nephews, one that I helped raise. I was a mother figure to him when he was growing up. I met his girlfriend, correction fiance, via video chat over the weekend. For someone that wants to join the family, she did not meet the standard. My dad’s side is southern. The Cauley’s and Chambers’ roots are in Georgia. We go back to before we were a country. In our family, we are big on respect, family, God, and nation. My mom and dad taught me to use “yes, sir/ma’am” and “no, sir/ma’am.” Being respectful and knowing my place. I might not do this all the time, but I try my best. I am not claiming to be southern. I do know a thing or two about it because of my family. During the video chat, she kept calling me hun/honey. My nephew told her that I was his mother figure growing up. She wants to join my family, calling me hun/honey is not okay. I find this disrespectful. When I called and talked to his mother, my sister Jaci, she felt the same way. To make matters worse, when I told my nephew all of this he started to claim it was because she is southern. I am sorry but calling someone older than you hun/honey is not southern. From what my nephew told me, he and her dated a bit before he left for boot camp. He has never lived in the south. My nephew had to have met her in Utah or Nevada. Unless you consider the West southern, then he is wrong. Besides the hun/honey issue, she was just in general disrespectful. His fiance acted as if I was a threat to the relationship, which was funny. He is one of my favorite nephews. I would do anything for him. I hate to burst her bubble but being my nephew is a HUGE disqualifier. Moral of the story, my nephew’s fiance is disrespectful and not southern. She is nowhere close to getting my approval.
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