The Weekend

Second time the Charm?

This past month everything has been happening in pairs. Twice this month idiots have broken into my car. In addition to that, I had two ex-boyfriends come back into my life. Well more like one ex-boyfriend, N, and an old fling, P, of mine. P came back into my life. He was having issues staying attracted to his girlfriend. P came to me for advice. The whole conversation he never once showed an interest in be beside sexually. I realized he would never miss me the way that I missed him. I was okay with giving P relationship advice. It wasn’t until he started to bring up our past. He asked if I missed things. He said he had dreams about me. We shouldn’t have been talking about this. I told him that. His response? He told me that he had put it on the backburner for now. B had no clue about it. Saturday night P had to go he was seeing his girlfriend. Backburner my booty. As for N, I haven’t seen him in years. Him reaching out to me was a total shock. I would never have guessed that I would hear from him again. He has grown up a ton since the last time I saw him. N apologized for how his actions and how he treated. It always bothered me. We have the most complicated past in the world. Luckily, our talk helped him. It was nice for him to apologize. Talking didn’t help me as much as it helped him, I wish it did. Admittedly, I do feel better about everything that went on between us. Now, I am left sitting here with more questions than answers. I was too shy to burden him with any of those questions. I find peace even when I do not get the closure I want. Things usually happen in sets of three. I really cannot handle another ex-boyfriend showing up or my car getting broken into again.
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