Things I should've said.

Dear T.

Dear T., First, I would like to say that I missed you. Thinking about you with someone else was hard. Recently, I saw a picture of you two together. It didn’t hurt like I thought it would. Yes, the initial shock factor always sucks.  Then I realize you must be enjoying yourself. She was the one girl that you would hide from me and find a way to talk to you while we were dating. Your roommates would think you were on the phone with me when in reality, you were talking to her. Maybe you are supposed to be with her all along. Maybe I was turning you into a better man for her — I hope I did. The thing is, you chased me and I loved that about you. Our first kiss was as if it was out of a movie. You never could sleep with someone else in your bed until me. The first night I fell asleep over there you stayed awake the whole night. The first weekend you spent back home after we started dating you invited me to come up, I did. We spent most weeks up with your parents. That is where I fell in love with you. I would have changed things. Looking back, I was not the best to you. Those experiences and dating you helped me grow. You made me stronger and taught me to love myself. You fell for me first. You chased me. After I fell for you, you eventually left. You had to put in work with me. You’ll forever have a special place in my heart. I’ll always remember as my teddy bear. I hope you will always remember me as your stinks. I hope you learn how to smile in pictures. I was the only one that has ever been able to get you to. Hopefully, you help turn me into the woman I need to be.
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