The Weekend

Taco Thursday

It is rare for me to catch feelings for a guy that sticks around. There was A. He has disappeared per usual. We never went to coffee. I gave up. I highly doubt he will ever really stick around. I am on Tinder no big surprise there. I matched with this guy we’ll call Toni. Toni and I talked for a few weeks on SnapChat. I kept trying to get him to come over. Honestly, it seemed like he always had a reason not to. The first time he had an issue with his eye and couldn’t see. Eventually, he agreed to come over. In all honesty, I did not think that he would be a guy that I would like. I was more looking for something physical that night. We talked it was one joke after another. My impression was 100% grade A f**kboy. Toni was not that at all. Never have I met a guy like Toni. He talked to me and was interested in what I had to say. He didn’t even try to make any sexual advances on me. At one point in our conversation, he looked at me and said, ” I don’t even want to have sex with you.” Yes at first I took this as a bad thing. I think he could tell that because he assured me it wasn’t.
Up to this point, we had a few drinks and had talked for well over an hour. We still have yet to kiss. We talked. We kissed. I was nervous as hell. It was worth it though. He spent the night and was a complete gentleman. The night repeated the next night minus the drinks. We wanted to make sure it wasn’t just the alcohol making us feel the way we did. It wasn’t the alcohol after all. Now, let’s move to the following night. Sam, my roommate, we’re going to have tacos and margaritas. Sam wanted to meet him. You can ask her and Kenz, my two best friends, that it is unusual for a guy not to try to get lucky or for me to feel like I was. Kenz was having a hard night. She joined us for tacos and margaritas. The conversation turned to Toni, unfortunately. Drunk Juli and her friends decided it would be a good idea to text him.
For the record, I do not have a lock on my phone and when I did both of these girls had full access to it. I woke up the next morning and regretted everything. I drunk texted him. So did my best friends. We invited him over way too many times and yeah. I sent a text to my girls when I woke up the next morning. I knew that I messed up. I tried to explain to him that that wasn’t the norm for me. You can ask my girls and my guy friends, that was strange. I can see how it was a red flag for him. I cannot blame him. I messed up. I will own up to that. Learn from my lesson ladies and gents. You have two choices. Do not catch feelings. The other is if you catch feelings, do not drink tequila. Make sure that you are drinking what you think that you are. I can thank Kenz for giving me rum. She picked up the wrong thing at the liquor store. Hopefully, you’ll make better choices than I did.
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