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Welcome to the TINDER ZONE

Here is my Tinder bio you will need it for context. If you cannot tell I am not a huge fan of H.R. Clinton. In addition, you might have noticed I lean towards the right side of politics.  As you can see sarcastic to an extent and usually it is taken that way. You know apparently not by this Prince Charming.
        The part that this specific guy did not take as a joke is the orange boxed part. (Sorry about the language.)
  When opening this message, I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. Who starts a TINDER conversation like this? Not only does he mansplain this to me but he tries to belittle me without knowing my opinion. I tried to be polite. Also, it was at 5:10 am so forgive my typing of a dictator as “doctor.” I was open to talking to him and learning his opinions. Then we start with an essay of glorious assumptions.         More of his glorious Canadian ranting about American politics.   But you know what?   USA! USA! USA! I didn’t know that Canadians were experts on our politics.
  I use facts. Anyone that knows me knows I am a stickler for facts. I do not watch cable news. I read liberal, moderate, and conservative news. I believe that is the best way to gain the most knowledge. I will also look up information on my own.   I have looked up these facts, double checked them to make sure I was remembering them correctly before I sent them.
  Well right off the bat there are two false statements. To be honest, cops that deal drugs but come on man stereotyping is lame. OOOHH you meant to have a comma there? I love the Oxford Comma. I thought that was big in England all hail the motherland (and the country that still rules over you)! That makes more sense but don’t stereotype those in third world countries. Do some reading? Yeah, I read the BS you are spewing is hurting my brain and turning it to mush. Unlike Obama and Clinton, Trump is spending the money instead of taxing the individual in hopes that it will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! MAGA BETCHES!
  Who doesn’t love a Trump GIF?! Apparently him…         Democrat Women: Men shouldn’t have a say in women’s rights! . . . . Unless they agree with us.   No, science has not. You can pick and choose what studies you want but we have yet to reach a conclusion. If life ends with a heartbeat why doesn’t it start at it?
  Baby, there are still open investigations into the Clinton family. Do you not remember the server scandal?! They concluded that she was at fault. The AG was the one that didn’t want to press charges. Also, at least two new investigations were opened this year.       Trump has been under investigation for two years. No charges.           He ruined my GIF about Trix cereal. Still upset about that.
  You claim Canada earlier now you are changing to what fits you? Sounds legit.     Fun Fact: When someone keeps changing the topic when in a debate it usually means they are losing.     A little bit more USA! USA! USA! for your day today.    
  This is how he is trying to make me feel. Might as well give him one win.             WOW why do you have to bring racism into the picture… again.   Typical white male.       I had to begin working so sadly I was not able to continue any further.
Take my advice, get off tinder ASAP. Meet someone out in the world. Great advice, right? I agree but I wont listen to it either. Happy Friday!
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