Sincerely, JC

As a recent graduate, I am looking to launch my career. Experiencing the lack of interview/professional clothing in my closet, along with the lack of money in my bank account. Like many, wanting to look my best while not overdrawing my account is stressful. The last thing I want to do is to walk into an interview with a dull outfit that won’t help me be remembered by a potential employer. Let us not be “just another candidate,” stand out and have your outfit help them remember you. The struggle of finishing up at the university, working, and trying to find new employment is difficult. It was hard for me to find time to do all of this. Going to the mall did not fit into my schedule. I was also stuck desperately needing professional outfits that wouldn’t break the bank. I used my free time to look at outfits on Pinterest. The problem that I faced while looking at the pins was that buying the pieces was inconvenient. Websites would no longer have the piece I wanted or I couldn’t afford it. Then I decided that I would recreate the outfits using Amazon. In hopes that you will not have to go through the post-university struggle that I went through. I promise we will get through this.
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