The Weekend

The Girlfriend?

I decided to start dating again. I have avoided dating for about a year. Recently, I met a guy named Pace on Tinder. We met up for drinks at a local bar. We both enjoyed each others company, that was obvious. A week later he asked me out to dinner. I suggested Saturday it was the only night I had free that week. He already had plans but suggested for us to grab a drink later Saturday night and dinner the following Tuesday. Skipping forward to Saturday, Kenz (my good friend) and I planned on going out. Pace knows that I usually go out on weekends. We met up with some of Kenz’s friends at our usual bar. After a few drinks inside, we went to the patio. That is where I saw Pace. I smile to see if he noticed me, he did. I went over and gave him a hug and talked to him. I thought that he was with a group of friends. I was wrong. One of the girls he was with looked at us talking then stormed off. Only an insecure girlfriend would act like that. I assumed that this was his girlfriend. After she left, I decided to go back to Kenz. He never came over to explain what went on. I texted him and said, “You still have a girlfriend.” Pace opened it but never responded. As any girl would take it, this was a yes to me. The next morning, I made the case to my best friends, Sam and Kenz. Pace and his girlfriend broke up a few months ago, at least that was his story. The majority of his Instagram pictures are of him and his ex. I told them about the scenario the night before. They were on the same page as I was. It wasn’t until the night after that he texted me. Pace explained that he was on a date. I pointed out to him the way she acted. She should have introduced herself instead of running off. I am the most awkward person that you’d ever meet. I do know better than to make a scene like that. It was his actions that made me end up cancel the dinner date. Pace should have approached me after I went back to my friends or sent me a text saying that he would explain in the morning. That would have made everything turned out different.
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