Don’t Mourn Your Fashion

I have a good friend named Sarah. I love her to death. We are both extremely busy people and have been friends for years. A lot of our communication is on Snapchat. She sends me pictures of her outfits. Usually, her outfits are black. A black dress or blue jeans and a black top. Getting her to wear anything else is like pulling teeth. There is no reason to be scared of colors. Another thing Sarah hates is wearing lighter colors. I would not be surprised if she hated colors all together. I am kidding. She is not that bad. Sarah loves colors it is hard to get her to wear them. Sarah does this because she thinks she is too pale. I am sorry, this is no reason to shy away from colors. My skin is fairly porcelain. I enjoy wearing lighter colors. Why wear black and hide your personality and style. We should not be scared of colors and patterns. The only thing that I would worry about while putting outfits together is if it fits your body type. Every woman is beautiful and can pull off anything if she is confident enough.
If you are insecure about your outfit others will be able to tell. People tell you not to worry about what others think but let’s be honest, we care. It is human nature to care about one another. Caring, helping each other, and pushing forward is how humans became who we are. Listen to this one piece of advice. You can pull off color or pattern as long as you believe you are beautiful in it. Yes, this is hard at first especially when trying something new. Sometimes needing to convince yourself to feel confident in the outfit. Eventually, you’ll no longer need to convince yourself. You will be pleasantly surprised. The only one that can sell you short is you.
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