You Gotta Work B*tch

The most recent issue in my wardrobe is my workout clothes. While I gain muscle, my clothes get smaller. My doctor has me on new birth control. It has not been pleasant. I have gained weight in addition to my breasts growing. The main issue with sports bras that I have is that they keep in heat while working out. Recently, I had my gym bag stolen from my car. It had my favorite sports bra inside. Also, it was the only sports bra that I had that fit. That is when I came across Nike Pro Indy sports bra. I love it. First off it holds everything in place. Second, the bra has an open back. Which is great, I promise you. Going to one of my original points of bras keeping in the heat. With the Nike Pro Indy sports bra allows the heat to escape.
Workout tops are always tricky for me. I hate when my sweat shows. I only wear tank-tops while working out for this reason. My usual pick is tank-tops with a racer back. I hate getting too hot while working out. A racerback tank does help relieve the heat. The only time that you will see me with a top with sleeves on is when I have hairy armpits in between waxes. I would rather have sweat show than have hairy armpits showing.
As for workout pants, I prefer shorts. Long pants trap the heat. I sound like a broken record at this point. No surprise at all that spandex breathes well. Nike Pro Compression Shorts are my favorite. The compression shorts also make your butt look great. Who doesn’t like that? I tend to favor leggings when the weather is chilly or when I am too lazy to shave.
Now for the subject, I am always on a soapbox about, good shoes. Make sure you have the proper gym shoes for the exercise that you are doing. When weight lifting you want a trainer. Trainers have a flat and firm base. You want to make sure that you are equally distributing your weight. When lifting it would be ideal to do so barefoot. A trainer shoe mimics this.
Running shoes have a flexible base with a cushioned heels. The cushioned heel is to help absorb the shock when you are running. When looking at the bottom of a running shoe, you should be able to bend the toe back. There should be a separation of the sole. Once again, this mimics your foot as if you are running barefoot.
Make sure that you are wearing the right shoe. It can mess up your body in the long run if you don’t.
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