Things I should've said.

Dear A.

Dear A., I doubt you will see this, let alone read it. Hopefully, you do though. Today you popped into my head while I was driving home. I was wondering why you haven’t texted me. Then thoughts about our last conversation. You told me that you haven’t clicked with anyone else. You’ve clicked with me more than anyone else that you have met. I started to ask myself why that could be. From the first time we hung out to the last time I saw you, we have always had a connection. For me, you are someone I can trust. You would never hurt me. In the past, girls have hurt you, underappreciated you, and do not take the person you are into consideration. We have similar personalities. The difference is that when I get scared I over-talk and make stupid comments. You internalize it to avoid the pain that could happen. We both over-think and hate the “what if.” We have more than a few things in common. We’d both rather stay in, watch a movie, and cuddle rather than go out on weekends. We both have big hearts and see the best in others. We get inside our own head and sit there and overthinking what we did wrong. That last one has been the hardest for me. I keep sitting here asking myself what did I do wrong. I think that you say things to me when you get bored and want company. Then you toss me aside when you have had enough. Maybe, someone better came along. You aren’t that guy. That is one thing that I know for sure. You are the sweetest man. Hopefully, we can get that cup of coffee you promised me soon.
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